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International guide for the use of the S-Series Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) specifications

AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe / ASD-STAN


Aerospace Industries Association

The AIA/ASD SX000i is a joint translatlantic specification development, where both American and European aerospace manufacturers and customers participate, so as to establish a global handbook for the management of the AIA/ASD Suite of ILS Specifications.

This specification has been developed by:

SX000i issue 1.0 now available in the Downloads page!.

New SX001G and SX002D issues also available in Downloads.

SX000i participants

Should you wish to participate, please contact us through the AIA or ASD, or send a mail to our webmaster or our chairman (chairman (at)

Latest News: New update to the S-Series of ILS Specifications - Overview published! - Check out the downloads section.